Example of Exercises

Exercise 1:

Write the summary message for the bullet points listed below.  Express summary messages both in situational ideas (descriptive ideas) and action ideas (prescriptive ideas).  Ask “So what?” to yourself.  The messages could be hypothetical.

  • Subsidiary A has been in the deficit for last five years.
  • No new business has grown up in Subsidiary A.
  • There are huge complaints in Subsidiary A.→ So What? (Write your summary message.)

Exercise 2:

What would be wrong with the following pyramid messages?  The pyramid is composed of a top message stating the conclusion and messages below, stating reasons for the conclusion.

Exercise 3:

Rewrite the following paragraph, by changing conjunctions or cutting into simple sentences.

“While accurate sales forecasting is a critical factor to reduce inventory, the current sales forecast is renewed only once a month; as it cannot reflect the most recent forecast, the system has to be revised.”

Sample answers and comment.