Sample Answers

Exercise 1:

For example, answer would be “C.E.O. is incapable” (Situational idea), “We should change C.E.O.” (Action idea.)  Answers can be several.  However, in your answer, the concrete message (conclusion) has to be drawn.  For example, “We should investigate the situation more” is not clear.  Message is abstract and lacks in content.  “We should review strategy of A” is also inadequate.

Exercise 2:

Top message is not a summary.  A summary has to be one message that is drawn from different messages located below.  Top message is not one message, now.  It just connects three messages by “and”.  Top message should be “The Chinese tea market is growing.” (“It appears that the Chinese tea market is growing.”).

Exercise 3:

“Accurate sales forecasting is a critical factor to reduce inventory.  Since the current sales forecast is renewed only once a month, it cannot reflect the most recent forecast.  Therefore, the forecasting system has to be revised.”  The logic of this paragraph is (1) 1st sentence refers to provision/rule/truth, (2) 2nd sentence refers to the analysis of the current situation based upon provision, and  (3) 3rd sentence refers to proposal based upon analysis of the current situation. Writing has to reflect the logic.