Basic Course

Logical Communication Training Program

Essential for All Business Persons
Developed and Offered by Kai Consulting Office
Since 1992

This program originally developed in Japanese has been offered to more than 100 corporations in Japan since 1992.  One day, a Japanese human resources officer said to us, “This program is excellent.  The approach is innovative yet practical.  We have many Asian managers and staff members who could benefit from this.  Communication with them is now critical to our business.  Don’t you think it makes a lot of sense to offer this program in English?”  Thus, we have come to offer an English version (as principles and rules are essentially the same).  Mr. Koji Yamasaki, a seasoned management consultant and developer of the program, directly teaches and coaches you in class.

The program provides:

  • Various tools of “logical thinking and logical communication”, which is indispensable in effectively communicating in today’s business world.  The program covers from “how to structure your ideas” to “how to express structured ideas on papers and slides.”
  • Practical tips which can be immediately used by participants in everyday business.

Basic Course: Logic in Thinking, Logic in Writing

There are so many poor writers who are not aware of it.  Have you ever corrected such writings?  In correcting others’ writings, you need to explain why the corrections are made. “You should write this way, because….”  In doing so, do you have strict criteria for such corrections?

Whenever you find difficulties in correction, you will notice that the difficulties lie in the “structure”, rather than “wording, tense, or grammar”.  You will also become aware that “structure” is the structure of ideas and messages writers want to convey.  First it’s necessary to clarify ideas you want to convey, and then to structure their development paths. The secret of good writing is in the process prior to writing.

Structuring ideas may sound terribly difficult work.  There’s no need to be worried, however, as here are simple tools and rules.  They are the so-called the “Pyramid Principle” utilized for report writing in almost all management consulting firms in the world.

Objective of the Program

You learn the basic theory and application of the “Pyramid Principle”, the writing standard of first-class management consulting firms in the world.  After the program, you will be able to practice this concept in daily writing.  Many participants have provided us feedback such as, “Now, my mind is clear.  Nobody taught me this before.”

Outline of the Program

Course materials include many exercises in addition to brief explanations.  Participants are required to complete the exercises prior to class.  Expected preparation time is about 4-5 hours per class.

During the class, the instructor corrects answers prepared by participants.  Class interaction is the major feature of this program.  The program is composed of four parts:

1. Writing ConceptYou will learn the basic concept: you write for the reader, not for yourself.
2. Pyramid WritingYou will learn the Pyramid Principle in 3 steps.

  1. Finding your ideas (What ideas do you want to convey?)
  2. Structuring your ideas (How can you structure your ideas in a pyramid?)
  3. Finding readers’ question (What questions would readers ask? What ideas should you convey in writing?)
3. Structure of IdeasYou will learn two types of pyramid, “Why pyramid” and “How pyramid”.
4. Expression of IdeasYou will learn how to transmit and express your pyramid ideas on paper.
  • The Program is organized into two classes.  Each class lasts about 4.5 hours. Two classes cannot be offered in one day.
  • Class size is recommended to be 10-15 participants, with a maximum of 15.

Example of Exercises (Example of exercises that we practice in the classroom.)